Terms & Conditions

We do not undertake any work until full payment has been received. You may request a full refund within 3 days of payment. We cannot guarantee refunds after this time as we will most likely have commenced work on your project.

You may pay online via Paypal, via a postal cheque or via bank transfer our bank details will be on our invoice. No contract for the sale of any service will exist between you and Celene Collins Interiors & Design until we accept your order by sending you a confirmation email following your payment. If we cannot accept your order for any reason, you will receive an email from us explaining why. We reserve the right to cancel orders and provide a full refund with good reason e.g., failure to provide correct or sufficient information, failure to make payment, inappropriate or illegal use of your account etc or unforeseen circumstance that are outside of our control at the time of offering this service.

Please provide as much detailed and specific information and photos as you can so that our design can match your requirements to avoid disappointment. Sometimes we may have to clarify information with you. Please respond as quickly as possible to any clarification requests as failure to do so can result in your design taking longer. Our Questionnaire must be completed as it gives us a very good idea of your likes, dislikes and requirements which we need to fulfil your requests.

However, because interior design is such a personal & subjective service, it may arise that you do not like a particular element of your design. To ensure that we understand your style, it’s important that you answer the Questionnaire truthfully and with as much detail as possible. When this happens, we are happy to revise the concept, but we cannot completely re-work a design or refund payment or part thereof. Open plan spaces are considered to be multiple rooms for the purpose of our Interior Design Virtual/Online Services e.g. the design of an open plan kitchen, dining and living room will be charged on the basis of 3 rooms and will require a separate questionnaire for each if desired.

The price and availability of all products etc will be accurate at the time of completion of your design. We cannot however guarantee the price or availability of any item over any period of time. We recommend that you order your items as soon as possible once your design is received to avoid disappointment. We can only recommend any alternative items in this instance.

Prices for products and furniture do not include delivery or assembly unless otherwise stated. We do not procure or arrange delivery of items nor do we accept any responsibility for the condition or quality of any goods or furniture.

We also provide a full fit out service of any house makeover, so we can be appointed to arrange and facilitate the installation of all your selected furniture, but that is dealt with under a different proposal which will be agreed separately with your once Design Boards are agreed. If you require assistance with the procurement of products or management of your project, please contact us directly for a quotation. We are happy to carry this out for you.

We do not include for the cost of labour in our schemes, e.g. painting, wall-papering, laying of fillers, fitting of lights, fabrication of curtains etc… We also do not include for materials or tools required to carry out such tasks, e.g. wallpaper paste, wall filler, tools etc. in the Design Boards.

We are happy to provide you with a list of tried and trusted trades that can carry out any work for you should should you decide to over-see the make over yourself. We cannot guarantee the exact colour of a product or finish due to quality of brochures, colour differences in web browsers etc. For wallpapers, furniture etc, we recommend that you view the recommended product in-store or request a sample of your product or finish before you purchase it, if you have any concerns. We always recommend that you test a sample of all paint colours before use as they can vary considerably depending on underlying colour, light etc.

Users of Celene Collins Interiors & Design Virtual Designer Service, must be over 18 and must use the services for their own home or rented property. Design information may not be disclosed, transferred or sold to another party.

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