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Interior Designer & Architect Collaboration

Celene Collins & Amy McKeogh

Before starting a home construction project, homeowners often wonder whether to hire an architect or an interior designer. The answer? If you are building from the ground up or working on an extensive remodel of our existing home, having both will change the way you live.

Every home tells a story woven through the work of both architects and interior designers. In our 20 + years of design experience, the most successful new home construction and extensive remodel projects are ones where there exists a symbiotic relationship between these two professionals.

Our unique collaboration with Amy McKeogh of Fior Studios, allows us to complement each other’s expertise and keep your vision and preferences at the forefront. We offer the client the full Design Source & Finish services all under one roof. Working in harmony encourages the exchange of ideas and ensures the cohesiveness of your project.

Maybe you dream of a more spacious house, more bedrooms, rooms with more light, maximise the aspect & best possible design for your home. By working with both an architect and interior designer, you ensure your goals and priorities are reflected in both the architectural, design & fit out decisions. We are are delighted to offer this unique collaboration with Amy McKeogh, of Fíor Studios.



When it comes to major construction projects, it pays to measure twice and order once. By working with both architect & interior design team, you get two sets of eyes working on your project. From conception through to the finished project.

Align goals and priorities.
Working together, we can thoroughly oversee your new build or remodelling project. As a team, we can catch potential problems before they arise and spot opportunities we might have previously missed, while releasing the full potential of your project.

Facilitating communication.
The world of home construction and architecture can be confusing for the uninitiated. As experienced professionals we are very comfortable in this world and used to interacting with all construction professionals.

Drawing from our experience, we can guide you through what questions to ask, help you understand what to expect, and explain technical terms. Open communication and regular updates among you, the design team, and architect & help make sure everyone is on the same page.

Sharing experiences.
Our full Architect and Interior Design Team both bring unique experiences to the table.

Pooling resources.
Fior Studios will have built close relationships with manufacturers and suppliers. we have built close relationships with trade partners like furniture stores, antique shops, and other vendors. By pooling our connections, we can ensure you up to date with discounted trade rates on everything from building materials to artwork.

Whether you are thinking about renovating, remodeling, or building a new home, we invite you to reach out to our team at Celene Collins Interior Design. For many years now , we’ve worked closely alongside Fior Studios on construction projects large and small, commercial & domestic.

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