Now that Covid-19 restrictions are in place again, our lives seem to have turned on its head and we are again trying to get to grips with ever changing restrictions.

Along with all the personal restrictions, when working on our projects, we no longer have the luxury of shopping for furnishings, picking tiles, touching fabrics, visiting showrooms and all the other face-to-face/social activities we were used to. Here at Celene Collins Interiors and Designs, we fully support these necessary measures for the health of everyone. It won’t be forever. The good news is that we can still work on our interior design projects, they don’t need to stop – you just need to do it virtually.

Virtual Interior Design

Virtual Interior Design allows you to get professional interior design services – all online. The entire process involves working with Celene Collins remotely from wherever you are located.  With no physical meetings, all contact is via the communication method of your choice i.e.  by Email, Phone, Skype, Zoom, Facetime or Live Chat.  

Efficient, convenient and includes any of the following services:
~  Gathering Ideas
~  Drafting a design to suit your budget
~  Designing floor plans
~  3d Visualisation or Virtual Staging using the very latest in photo realistic technology
~  Help in selecting fabrics & curtains for your space
~  Assistance with colour selection for your paintwork
~  Advice on upcycling of existing furniture and pieces
~  Storage solutions
~  Provide a shopping list with all the information you need to order your new pieces

Celene Collins, Virtual Interior Designer

Celene is a Virtual Interior Designer with experience with working online with clients for a number of years.

“My virtual service was taken up in the past mainly by busy people with busy lives, allowing them to get professional and personalised design help without leaving their home or workplace. They liked it this way and found that they progressed faster and saved time.
Demand for our Virtual Interior Design service has definitely increased due to the Covid-19 restrictions. People are adapting to the new restrictions and trying it out. Projects still need to be completed and people are proactive in using this time to progress and be in a better position when we come out of this. All our services can be done virtually; we can do as much or as little as the client needs.”

If you want to make good use of this restrictive time and want to make progress on a project that maybe you have been putting off, then contact us. Once you have tried our virtual/online service and seen our creative skills in action, you may to decide to continue to use it long after the restrictions are over!

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