Wall Decoration Ideas

Do you need a few wall decoration ideas?

Are you letting down the newly decorated rooms in your home by dotting the odd hanging-dress-wall-decorations-1picture in the middle of a neutrally painted wall?

It’s time to dress those walls! They deserve as much attention as the furnishings!

We’ve put together these interesting wall decoration ideas that should help get you started…

Photo galleries are a great way of turning that empty wall space in your hallway or living room into something special. It could be photos of your family and friends, paintings you love, or those places you long to visit. Whatever you choose, that wall will lift your spirits and make you smile every time you pass.

They don’t need to be uniformed sizes, talk to your local frame-maker; take in a USB stick with your personal photos, he can then print off in different made-to-measure sizes, giving you a truly unique gallery wall.

If you have the space, paintings, mirrors and unusual wall lights can add a touch of magic to a functional bathroom.

Are you lucky enough to have wall space in your kitchen? These thick wooden shelves look great when filled with coloured glass bottles and jars, or a quirky teapot collection!

Here’s another wall decoration idea. Why not talk to a printer in your area; they can print a decal with your favourite quote, or a wall mural – a distinctive way to give character to vacant wall space in a bedroom, hallway or dining room.

Open under-stairs space can often become a dumping ground for shoes, toys or gym bags.

Why not consider shelving to create a fabulous bookcase, or better still this lovely under-stairs ready corner looks just perfect!

What do you think of this? A recycled old door with blackboard insets for the days of the week, gives a warm feel to the home office or study.

If you are inspired by our wall decoration ideas and ready to dress that blank wall in your home, but need some expert advice, talk to Celene at Celene Collins for inspirational ideas to match any budget!

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