Interior Design Ideas to Beat those January Blues

Does taking down the Christmas decorations leave your home feeling empty and a little drab? Let’s look at some interior design ideas to beat those January blues without blowing your budget!

Bright coloured throws and cushions on couches or armchairs will give your living room a super fresh look, filling the empty space the Christmas decorations left behind. Keep in mind this interior design tip: ‘The Power of Three’… grouping cushions, candles, vases or photo frames together gives the illusion of more.

Here’s a good excuse to spend in the sales and cheer you up – Buy some new pillows. They don’t need to be expensive; we should replace pillows every year, especially with makeup or tanning lotions stains.

Now you have new pillows take the next step and brighten up the bedroom with new bed linen and towels. Select bright spring colours, they will add a little zing to the master bedroom and have that spare room looking fresh and inviting for overnight guests.

Room staging is a marketing technique usually used when selling a house; it’s also a clever way of organising our home for living, mixing the practical with interior design presentation. Give it a try – it will help lift those January blues.

Dress the bed with colourful coordinating cushions and throws. Add those powerful ‘groups of three’; lay a tray with mixed decorative items like a vase with colourful flowers, a photo-frame and a candle on the end of the hall table, or try a tray with vintage teapot, vase, and cup & saucer on a coffee table. A collection of candles on a vintage mirror makes an unusual and impressive table centrepiece.

Hopefully January is looking brighter already!

If you are looking to take on an interior design or refurbishment project for 2016 talk to Celene at Celene Collins for inspirational ideas to match any budget!

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