Interior Design Ideas for Kids Bedrooms

Are you looking for interior design ideas for kids bedrooms? Our kids grow up so fast these days – from babe in arms to college student in the blink of an eye! Interior Design ideas for Kids Bedrooms – hand picture

We all want that cute nursery for our new-born; but how quickly they grow out of those stickers and decals. Why not decorate with a simplicity and style that will still look good and feel right as your little ones grow?

These beautiful rooms are perfect for baby, yet classy, pretty and elegant, in styles that can suit the rest of your home décor, allowing you to progress from cot to bed as your baby grows up without having to decorate and update the whole room. Babies initial in LED lights makes a perfect wall decoration, giving the room a soft glow, and will work with any style, even when he is seventeen! A sparkly chandelier for your baby princess will still sparkle when she is off to her debs!

If you’re past that baby stage already, here are more interior design ideas for kids bedrooms.

For kids who want a say in refitting their bedrooms, there are great ideas to give you practicality; and still have space for the train set; storage solutions for the ever growing collection of toys, clothes and sports gear; and importantly, individuality for your kids to develop and become their own person.

Sharing a room with a sibling can be fun, especially with bunks which give more floor space. A pull-out bed like this is great for sleepovers; the minimalist style is ideal for boys who don’t like fuss.

These pastel pink drawers give great storage and can look really pretty in a little girls room. If you have the space a swing chair hung from the ceiling is just the place to read and dream of adventures to be had.

Do you have a teenage girl who want a new look to her room, but is not quite ready to be a grown up? Under-bed storage, minimal shelving and the flower wall decal gives this teen room a practical, stylish finish. Is your little girl is all grown up but still loves pink? A cerise rug and curtains matched with sophisticated black lamps and lockers gives a super look! Or perhaps this black and blue style is perfect for your Diva!

Remember a teenager’s bedroom is more than just a place to sleep; it is their personal space where they will listen to music, hang out with friends or study for school and college. Bookshelves are a great way to use valuable wall space. Low level cupboards and drawers across the end of the bed, or along on side like this are ideal for storage and as surface space for iPad, headphone and other teenage essential stuff!

If we have given you food for thought, but you are still unsure where to start, talk to Celene at Celene Collins for more interior design ideas for kids bedrooms.

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