Bathrooms, like all rooms, comes in all sorts of shape and sizes and, regardless as to whether they are main family rooms, or en-suite rooms, Celene Collins Interior Design Cork feel that the same careful planning should go into any makeover.  New builds in Cork some times have an en-suite in each bedroom with a W/C down stairs and a family bathroom so there should be a lot of thought put into these rooms.

Celene Collins Interior Design Cork, have put together some pointers on how to go about it along with some important tips to take into account.

Interior Design Cork – 5 Tips for Your Bathroom Makeover

1. Placement

Space is often at a premium in a bathroom/en-suite so you should think long and hard about the elements your bathroom will contain, and how many functions you need your bathroom to deliver for you.  Do two of you need to shower at the same time, then opt for a double shower, it’s the latest interior design trend in Cork!

Always start by making a plan of your bathroom, using accurate measurements, and remembering to include doors, windows, and all existing furniture and plumbing.    This will give you the basis on which to build your new bathroom.   There are apps can use for measuring a room, and people now use digital measuring devices instead of the old fashioned tape, but if this is your first time, stick to the tape with pencil and paper to record and sketch your room. This way you won’t end up with a sink that’s too big and a shower tray that is too wide etc… if you still find it tricky and if you need help talk to Celene!

Interior Design Cork – 5 Tips for Your Bathroom Makeover

2. Plumbing

The position of existing plumbing in your bathroom can have a very definite effect on your planned makeover or new build.   For makeovers, you could save  time and money by not  moving toilet outlets and other plumbing, it makes sense to fit your new look bathroom into the existing plumbing structure.


3. Flooring

The ease of care of any bathroom flooring should be carefully factored in. Wooden floors look lovely but may stain with excessive amounts of water. Carpet is warm but may be difficult to keep clean, especially around toilets. Tiles are generally the most versatile, easy to maintain and there is a huge choice.

4. Furniture

There are hundreds of different baths, showers, toilets, cabinets, etc. to choose from. Don’t make a hasty decision; you will have to live with your new bathroom for a good few years. Think of the practicalities of your bathroom not just how it will look.

Using water saving devices makes a lot of sense from both an economic, as well as an energy efficient point of view – toilets that have low flush cisterns and low flow taps can all help keep the bills down and do your bit for the environment.

When it comes to bathrooms Celene Collins Interior Design Cork, has a wealth of experience

If you have a very small bathroom, turning the whole room into a wet room with a walk-in, door-less shower is a great way to deal with the lack of space. It can be costly to tile an entire bathroom up to ceiling level but there are several benefits:

  • It is easy to shower off muddy children and/or dogs
  • Tiles are non-slip so it could be a great idea for older people who may find it difficult to get in and out of a bath or smaller shower stall

5. Lighting

Using mirrors to bounce light around the walls gives the illusion of size, and recessed LED ceiling lights will make a small bathroom look taller. Also make sure that you provide adequate illumination for shaving, etc, by lighting the vanity from both sides to eliminate shadows.

If you would like more help and advice on your bathroom makeover project get in touch with Celene Collins Interior Design Cork. 

Her team will source all your sanitary ware within budget, work on suitable design and layout options, help you choose your tiles for your bathrooms and work alongside your plumber and electrician for new builds and make-over’s!

Interior Design Cork – 5 Tips for Your Bathroom Makeover

Interior Design Cork – 5 Tips for Your Bathroom Makeover