When we were introduced to a local Auctioneer through a seller we immediately hit it off. We agreed that to improve the Auctioneers relationship with all sellers we would join forces. This allowed the Estate Agent to show they were innovative in their approach to selling houses from a competitive prospective. It also gave the seller confidence in the auctioneer’s service; that they were playing an active part in selling the house for the most money.


That Estate Agent now uses HomeStager as part of their marketing strategy for all its customers, staging all their houses before the photographs are taken. This Estate Agent firmly believes that staging the property has resulted in an overall improvement in referrals, as they are now recognised as having properties that are worth viewing. And of course, it has helped their bottom line!

It is a win-win situation for all. Their houses are standing out from the crowd and they are building a firm standing in the property market as a whole – having properties that are a must see.

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