9 Reasons to Use an Interior Designer for your Home Make-Over Project

If you think an interior designer for your home make-over project is only about adding the matching cushions, rugs and throws – think again – a good interior designer creates the right balance and flow to your home-make-over project, from the structural planning, boring bits like plug sockets and light switches, to the aesthetics, bringing your vision to life. bathroom design – 9 reasons to use an interior designer

Here are 9 reasons to use an interior designer when tackling that refurbishment or decorating project on your home…

An interior design service is not exclusively for the rich and famous – If you’re investing time and money into your home, you want the finished result to showcase it at its best. An interior designer can achieve this for you, often saving you much more than the cost of their fee.

Keep control of the budget – we conduct a ‘save on – spend on’ analysis, where we look at your existing furniture and accessories, analysing what can be used in the new project , it may be a hall table that can be stripped and painted to match your new colour scheme, or a floor lamp that would work with a new shade. These savings give you more cash to spend in other areas.

Expert eye for colour and attention to detail – The trained eye and creative mind-set of an interior designer can turn your vision into a reality. If you love a bold wallpaper but don’t feel daring enough to go for it, or are undecided about the best shade of green paint will match the sofa you can’t bear to part with, a good interior designer like Celene of Celene Collins will come up with ideas you will love.

Thinking outside the box – A good interior designer can come up with good ideas, a great interior designer will think outside the box, solving awkward corner issues, or making great-grandma’s sideboard fit in your contemporary space.

Bridge between you and the tradesmen you need – An established interior designer like Celene develop strong relationships with reputable tradesmen, the become the mediator between you and your builder or electrician, taking the stress being available to meet them if there is a snag or hiccup off your shoulders.

A good interior designer is a good organiser – Coordinating a home make-over project, big or small, can be a headache, especially if you are juggling work, family and a disorganised living space while work is being done. Using an interior designer tradesmen can work with ensures efficiency and teamwork, with the minimum of disruption to you and your family.

Trade discounts will help to keep costs down – A professional interior designer like Celene of Celene Collins is often able to get valuable trade discounts on furniture, flooring or fixtures and fittings from the reputable suppliers they build relationships with.

This all helps to keep your project within budget and who knows there may be a little left over for that special decorative feature you love!

Bringing in an interior at the planning stage can save on costly mistakes – Interior designers are trained to think about things you may not think about at the early planning stage, like the location of sockets and switches, for the logical place to stand your coffee machine, or feature lighting in the recessed area of the bedroom.

Don’t assume an interior designer is only interested in big projects – Celene Collins are more than happy to arrange a consultation to discuss your project and offer advice however small the project, it may only take a different layout of furniture and complimentary colours to pull it together creating a look you just didn’t think of.

With the input from a skilled interior designer your home make-over will most definitely result in a one-of-a-kind space that reflects you, your family and your lifestyle… job done!

If you are about to start a new home make-over project and need help in getting your vision to reality, talk to Celene at Celene Collins, the interior designer you can work with.

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